Sunday Funday

Thanks to the DILO Community on Google+, I've been able to crawl out of the creative rut that left me silent between September and January. I'm still struggling with writer's block, but the act of documenting a particular day has helped to bring some of that creativity back up to the surface. Here's the set of photographs I shared for our second community DILO day yesterday.

Photography is

Photography is many things to many people. For me, photography is my way of preserving and sharing moments. It allows me to capture all the little details in the world around me and to present them in my own way. I've heard many times that everything around us has already been photographed ad nauseam. While this may be true, this doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to photograph those same things in a way that best represents our own way of seeing the world.

I was reminded of exactly what photograph is for me recently while going through my pictures for the DILO Community on Google+. For the most part, my camera is now only by my side during trips. But being a part of this new community and having a photo project to work on really brought back the feelings I had when I first looked through a viewfinder. Here are the results of this great exercise in photography.