Wandering through the Huntington Library

Photography is my creative outlet, but I sometimes get caught up with the how instead of the why. I get fixated on the technical aspects of photography like technique and gear and forget about the creative aspects like vision and style. Maybe it's because I'm a geek at heart, but I find that the fleeting joy of owning a new piece of technology can occasionally overshadow the satisfaction of creating an interesting photograph. Whenever this happens, I find that it helps to wander through a new place (or anyplace I haven't been for awhile) with my camera. As I wander, my curious nature surfaces and I start photographing everything that catches my eye. The point of wandering is not so much about the photographs, but the act of making them. Letting my curiosity take over reminds me how much I enjoy seeing the world through a lens and clicking the shutter just to see the result. Here are some of the results of that curiosity from our recent trip to the Huntington Library.