Seattle, Long Exposures, and the X100S

Our trip to Seattle gave me an opportunity to really put the Fujifilm X100S through its paces, especially for long exposure photography. What I realized during our 5-day trip was that the X100S is not only my preferred travel camera, but also the ideal camera for my long exposure work. The built-in ND filter lets me extend my exposures without stacking another filter on top of my 10 stop ND. And its size and weight let me use smaller tripods which are more compact and easier to carry. In combination with its new X-Trans sensor, these small but important features have made the X100S the camera I reach for whether I want to take a quick snapshot or set up for a 2 minute exposure. 

View from West Seattle - 160 seconds at f/11

Seattle Waterfront - 30 seconds at f/16

Seattle Skyline - 58 seconds at f/16