Finding Inspiration


Inspiration is one of the most discussed concepts amongst photographers, and artists in general. It is something that we say alludes us when we fail to create work we are proud of. It is something that we wait for to get us out of the creative ruts we fall into. And its absence is something that we use too often as an excuse not to go out and explore our creativity.


The problem with this way of thinking is that inspiration becomes a crutch, rather than something uplifting. It becomes this mythical concept that we assume only the masters know how to find. And it becomes a reason not to aspire to the level of the photographers we admire. The truth, however, is that inspiration can be found all around us. It can be found at the park around the corner. It can be found at the museum a short drive away. And it can be found everyday in those that we care for. 


The real secret to inspiration is that there is no secret. It comes from observing life around us. It comes from seeing the work of others. And most importantly, it comes from creating work. It’s true that often times the work we create is not as good as we’d like. But that’s natural when we’re working to bridge the gap between our taste and our work. The fact that we realize our work is not as good as our taste should be all the inspiration we need to make more, and better work.