Doubling Down on Fuji

I made the move to mirrorless cameras in 2011 when my out-of-warranty Canon 40D started having shutter issues. Instead of paying for repairs, I decided to sell the last of my DSLR gear and look for a more compact alternative. After trying out two micro four thirds cameras from Panasonic, I went a whole different direction and bought a Fujifilm X100 early last year. Since that time, the X100 has been my only camera that didn't double as a cell phone.  It has accompanied me on our local weekend excursions and documented our travels to Hawaii Island, Portland, and Hong Kong. 

The great thing about the X100 is that it is as simple as it gets; there's no zooming and no changing lenses. It is just an awesome little camera that is fun for shooting. For the most part, I had no issues using a single focal length since I mainly shot with a 50mm prime lens when I used a DSLR. I even enjoyed working within the constraints of the X100 and it made photography fun again. 

Since I bought the X100 after Fuji announced the X-Pro1, I knew full well what I was getting into with the X100. I considered the X-Pro1 briefly but I think at the time, the X100 was exactly the camera I needed. Fast forward a year and the X100 is still the same awesome little camera but I find that my needs have changed. More and more, I am looking for more flexibility and for that reason, I recently purchased the X-Pro1. 

I've had the X-Pro1 paired with the 35mm lens for a few days now and thus far, I'm enjoying shooting at the longer focal length. The two cameras are very similar and the X-Pro1 is almost as fun to use as the X100. Yes, I know that's a bit surprising, and it's something that I can't really explain. But the X100 is just more fun. With that said, the X-Pro1 is still a great camera and something that will nicely compliment the X100. Here are some of my first photographs shot with the X-Pro1 during our recent impromptu road trip to San Diego.