I've been steadily moving down a path towards simplicity and minimalism the last couple year and one of the things I've been wanting to do is to streamline my web presence. When I created my first photography blog four years ago, I dove into the web and social media head first. I signed up for just about every web community and service that came along and spent a lot of time building an audience for that website. I was able to spend the time then because I was on a hiatus from work.

Soon after returning to work however, I found myself with less and less time for photography and writing. I eventually took that website down all together. Since that time, I've started a couple other blogs at Tumblr (Random Creativity) and WordPress (Chasing Creativity). Over the last few years, I've posted to these blogs somewhat regularly. For no real reason other than wanting to share my travel photos, I  decided to return to Squarespace and start over from scratch.

Well today I decided to take yet another step down my recent path by taking down both my blogs at Tumblr and Wordpress. In doing so, I'm hoping it'll allow me to focus solely on this website without having to worry about what I'm not posting elsewhere. I think it's all really just to make me feel better, but hey, whatever works right?